25 october   2014 Amsterdam
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28 march   2015 Nijmegen


23 may   2015 Amsterdam

Are you strong enough to be a Viking?

Odin 10:00 40% full

Loki 10:20 45% full

Asmund 10:40 35% full

Hagar 11:00 45% full

Olaf 11:20 35% full

Thor 12:40 SOLD OUT!

Kodran 13:00 SOLD OUT!

Fasolt 13:20 30% full

Walkure 14:20 85% full

Karl 14:40 35% full

Obstacle Run

Obstacle run, storm track, obstacle race; there are many terms for this popular sport. An obstacle run is an event where running is combined with obstacles to test the physical and mental condition of the participants.
The route often goes through nature and the participants will come across mud and water. There are different types of ‘obstacle categories’, like mud, ice, electricity, monkey bars, walls, water, tires, rope nets and crawling.
The first obstacle run took place in England in 1987 when the British soldier Billy Wilson invented a 15-kilometer long storm track for his event ‘Tough Guy’.
At the time obstacle running was introduced in America, the sport became popular and organizations like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and Warrior Dash arose in the USA.

Strong Viking

Our history dates back to the time of the Vikings. The Vikings would best be described as tough, adventurous, strong and brothers. These are the qualities you will need for our obstacle run. You have to overcome obstacles like Walhalla Steps, Thor’s Lightning and the Viking Jump and you will need those qualities to face them.

We have the best track areas in the Netherlands and that is what makes Strong Viking unique. In these areas you journey across forests, hills, mud and water. We also have different start waves to make sure that there are no hold-ups. Strong Viking has unique and spectacular obstacles based on the Viking era as well. Finally, Strong Viking has the largest obstacle running trail. Consequently, you never come across the same obstacles twice, because it is a circular course!

Mud, Water, Hills, Brother or Color: which do you choose?

Strong Viking Group B.V. | Kelvinstraat 1 | 6601 HH, Wijchen | E