Mission & Vision Strong Viking

Strong Viking is an organization created by CEO / Founder Jan Reijs and a group of entrepreneurs with both a background in extreme sports and the military that share a great enthusiasm and love for the sport of obstacle running. Together they have the ambition to organize the biggest & best obstacle run in the world. Quality, safety and development are the keys factors of this ambitious project.

Strong Viking is based on the history of the Vikings. Vikings were known to be tough people, adventurous, strong and sharing a sentiment of brotherhood. And these are exactly the elements that are central in the vision of Strong Viking. The goal of Strong Viking runs is to push the participants to the limits of their mental and physical abilities so that they may become stronger not only on the track but in their daily lives.

Strong Viking provides their participants with a unique experience. Our obstacle run is not a race but a challenge.  Our participants suffer together, but with a smile on their faces, that’s what Strong Viking is all about!

Are you Strong Enough?

Strong Viking organizes the best and most challenging obstacle runs. Our history dates back to the ages of the vikings. Vikings were indestructible, adventurous and were always up for a challenge. They conquered many lands and expanded their origins throughout Europe.

Do you have viking DNA?

Find out at the Strong Viking Obstacle Runs, because we will test you physically and mentally!

Are you ready? Then we will meet you at the finish in Walhalla.

  • Strong Viking is not a race but a challenge
  • Vikings never quit
  • Vikings conquer their fears
  • We leave no Viking behind
  • Vikings will drink their beer in Walhalla


strong viking beste obstacle run van nederland

Strong Viking, the best obstacle run in the world!

Chosen as the best obstacle run in 2013, 2014 & 2015 from over 100 obstacle run events!

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