Strong Viking OCR Series – ARE YOU READY TO RACE?

With the introduction of the Strong Viking OCR Series there will be some changes in 2017 concerning the Odin race heat. In addition to the opporutnity of qualifying for the OCRWC & OCREC there will also be rankings in the OCR series heats for a race tournament throughout the course of the year that will culminate in the OCR Finals with a total of €10.000,- in prize money.

The current startwave ‘Odin (19km) – 09.40u’ is replaced, for the participating events, by the startwave: OCR Series! Participants who have already registered for one or more Strong Viking Editions in 2017 have already received an email containing more information!

Participating OCR Series events
Strong Viking Obstacle Run OCR Series transparantStrong Viking Mud Edition Saturday 11 March 2017 – Fürstenau bei Osnabück
Strong Viking Mud Edition Sunday 26 March 2017 – Nijmegen
Strong Viking Mud Edition Sunday 23 April 2017 – Gent
Strong Viking Hills Edition Sunday 21 May 2017 – Amsterdam
Strong Viking Water Edition Saturday 03 June 2017 – Frankfurt am Main

OCR Finals
Strong Viking Water Edition Sunday 18 June 2017 – Nijmegen

Be advised: at a two-day event, it is no longer possible to qualify for the EC/WC/OCR Series from 2017 on Saturday. The Odin heat on that day will be a recreational startwave. 

OCR Series – Rankings
During the five above-mentioned editions point rankings can be earned. The overall ranking for the OCR Series will be published on our website & Facebook page. The top 100 men & top 50 women of the overall rankings will be assigned ELITE status during the above-mentioned events.  This status gives them the advantage to start after the Walhalla Walls.  Eventually, the top 3 per event and the top 200 men & 100 women from the overall ranking qualify for the OCR Finals during the Water Edition on Sunday 18 June 2017 in Nijmegen! There, the best 200 men and best 100 women will fight for the coveted title and a major portion of the total prize money!

The rankings are determined by total points per event and are awarded in the following way:
“Points earned = (Time_participant – time of finisher_200) / (Time_winner – time of finisher_200) x 500”

Explanation: During the OCR Series the first 200 finishers are awarded points. The winner receives 500 points and the points of the other 199 finishers are relative to the difference between the winner of the event and the 200th finisher of the OCR series. Individual points are determined based on where the participants rank in comparison.

1st place time: 1:35:00
2nd place time: 1:38:50
200th place time: 2:10:80

The sum & scoring will be as follows:
Points earned 2nd place: (1:38:50 – 2:10:80) / (1:35:00 – 2:10:80) x 500 points = 447 points

When the 200th runner has a faster time, eg: 1:45:75, the sum will be as follows:
Points earned 2nd place: (1:38:50 – 1:45:75) / (1:35:00 – 1:45:75) x 500 points = 330 points

Prize Money

Ocr Series Prizes 2017 v2


Both the OCR Series and the OCR Finals will be executed in cooperations with referees from the OCR Alliances. Hereby, the rulebook of the OCRA Benelux is used except in the following respects:

-You get 1 attempt to complete an obstacle. Upon failure of an obstacle you must complete 20 to 30 burpess and/or punishment laps. The definitive amount of burpees/laps will be determined per obstacle and must be counted out lout by each participant. The participant must always make a serious attempt to complete an obstacle.

-Any evidence of non-compliance with the above rule(s) will result in an immediate disqualification for the respective OCR Series event. If there is a second occurence of non-compliance in one season a complete disqualification will ensue and an eventual suspension will be determined by the organization.

-The communicated results can be reviewed by means of photo/video evidence.

-ELITE-runners will be recognizable by means of a bib/visible armband.

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