I am injured/unable to attend, what now?

When you purchase your ticket(s) we offer the option to buy cancellation insurance. This insurance is provided by a third party, which you can contact via this link.

If you have not opted for cancellation insurance we unfortunately cannot cancel/change your ticket(s). 

I made a mistake in my personal information, can I change this?

Making changes to participant information can be done via Paylogic’s customer support.  Requests for changes of incorrect information can be made up to 3 weeks before the date of an event. You can contact Paylogic through e-mail, or telephone: (for NL) 0900 7295 6442 (€1,- per call) or (BE) 0900 70155 (€0,50 p/m).

I lost my (e)ticket, what now?

Have you lost your e-ticket or deleted your email? You can print out your e-ticket again via your Paylogic account:
Log in on PayLogic and request your ticket again.

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes you can transfer your ticket to another person. Be advised: this can only be done at the latest three days prior to the event.

Do you want to transfer your ticket to another person? Click here!
The fee for the name change is €1 + transaction cost.

Can I change my current start wave?

Yes you can! The change of day for a 2 day event is also possible! Be advised: this can only be done up to 3 weeks before to an event, provided the start wave (or day) in question is not sold out. You can check availabilities on the subscription page of the event.
A request can be made by filling out the following form.
Resquests are processed by Paylogic 3 to 4 weeks before the event.

I would like to upgrade my ticket to a longer distance, is this possible?

Yes, this is possible. However, be advised that the request for an upgrade can be made up to 3 weeks before an event by filling out this form.
You will be charged a €1.95 administrative fee in addition to the price difference of the upgrade.
Resquests are processed by Paylogic 3 to 4 weeks before the date of the event in question.

I would like to downgrade my ticket to a shorter distance, is this possible?

Yes, you can choose to run a shorter distance on the day of the event . There is no need to make a request for this. However, we unfortunately cannot refund the price difference between the distances once the payment has been completed.

I have not filled out the additional details, what now?

If you have missed the deadline to fill in the additional details, all the tickets/start numbers will be under the name of the person who has made the purchase. This person must then collect all the start envelopes in person on the day of the event by presenting a valid photo ID.


What is the address?

Wijchen / Nijmegen
Weg door de Berendonck 1

Valleiweg (crossing Oostbroekerweg)

9185 Wachtebeke

Pommernstraße 12
Fürstenau bei Osnabrück

Waldensberger straße 4

Roskilde / Copenhagen
Darupvej 19

At what time does it start / is the area open?

The run is seperated into start waves/groups and the first startwave begins at 10am. While subscribing you can choose your own start wave/start time. The area is open from 8:30am.

What are the startwaves/start times?

Odin – 10:00am (race)
Loki – 10:20am
Asmund – 10:40am
Hagar – 11:00am
Olaf – 11:20am
Oerdo – 11:40am
Sol – 12:00pm
Muddor/DMM – 12:20pm
Thor – 12:40pm
Kodran – 13:00pm
Fasolt – 13:20pm
Freya – 13:40pm
Ivar – 14:00pm
Walkure – 14:20pm
Karl – 14:40pm
Juno – 15:00pm
Hestia – 15:20pm

Is it possible to change clothes at the event?

Yes, there are seperate changing rooms for men and women.

Is there somewhere to (safely) store my bag?

Yes, every participant receives a number and wristband with which he/she can drop-off their bag in guarded baggage room. Be advised, only 1 bag allowed per participant!

Are there showers?

After the event it is possible to wash off/shower. However, there are no closed shower cabins.

Are there refreshments on the track?

Yes! We have refreshments during the run. Every 5km there will be a refreshment station with water, a banana and Snelle Jelle. There will also be a Red Bull Energypoint where you can get a Red Bull Regular mixed with water to provide you with extra energy to complete the course. Red Bull revitalizes the body and mind!

Do I have to do/conquer every obstacle?

No, every obstacle has a ‘walk by’. You define your own limits/capabilities. “Strong Viking is not a Race, it’s a challenge!”

Can I come and watch? Is there an entrance fee?

Of course, you are very welcome to come and encourage the participants! Entrance to the area is free and open from 8:30am.

What is the minimum age to participate?

3km: min. age 5 years old
5km: min. age 10 years old
7-13 km: min. age 14 years old
19 km: min. age 16 years old
Iron Viking (42km): min. age 18 years old

What is the difference between the different start waves?

Each start wave is named after a Viking god/king and has a different start time. This is to let you know at what time you must begin. Start waves also have varying distances between 19, 13 or 7km.


I have a question about the OCR WC / OCR EC, who should I contact?

All questions or comments concerning the OCR World Championship or the OCR European Championship should be addressed directly to the Obstacle Course Race Association – BeNeLux (OCRA).

Is it possible to stay overnight?

Can I cancel my ticket?

When purchasing a ticket we offer the option to buy cancellation insurance. This insurance is carried out by a third party. You can make a request to cancel your ticket via: http://www.paylogic.com/en/about-paylogic/cancellation-insurance/

If you have not purchased cancellation insurance we cannot cancel/refund your ticket. However, you can transfer your ticket to another person. The ticket transfer can be done up to 3 weeks prior to the event by filling out this form.